Alex Ahlstrom
I am in love with travel, culture and finance around the world. After working in international real estate finance around Asia and America, I want to share some of my experiences.

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Celebrity Homes and How Americans Look for Homes to Buy

95% of Americans start their property search online. Because, one of the great things about the American real estate market is that lots of transaction-related information...


Training Financial Salespeople: China Edition

I traveled around Asia for a while selling investments, and this required a lot of training. So, I would like to introduce how sales trainings are...


Green Cards for Sale?!?

There is a program in the United States, called the US Investor Immigration Program, more commonly known as “EB5,” that passed the U.S. Congress in 1990....


Graduate Degree Abroad: Berlin

I was lucky enough to be admitted into a graduate program at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Germany. The program is a bit...